Exam Proctoring

ExamThe staff of the Monroe Public Library assist hundreds of distance education students each year in taking exams.

Exams may be administered in a variety of ways; including paper and pencil, the student’s own laptop, or a library computer.

Generally, the process unfolds as follows:

Student notfies the educational institution that he or she has selected Monroe Public Library as the testing site.
A representative of the educational institution sends the appropriate information to Monroe Public Library.  This information may be a mailed test or an e-mail message with the student’s identifying information, instructions for staff, and a login and password.

Monroe Public Library staff file the information for quick retrieval when the student arrives to take the test.

The student arrives and goes to the first floor reference desk to begin the test. An appointment is not required, but the student should make sure that enough time is available before library closing to complete the test.

Should you have any questions about the process, please contact the Monroe Public Library.